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The new academic year is around the corner! In this edition of the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) newsletter, we invite you to explore our new Global Policy Project catalogue and read our faculty and alumni publications.



MPPGA Global Policy Project Catalogue

We have launched the full catalogue of Global Policy Projects from UBC’s Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs students, highlighting their work with clients on real-world policy challenges throughout the years. Learn about each project, browse policy reports, and view presentations. Students experience rich experiential learning, collaboration, and the application of creative thinking and analytical skills during their Global Policy Projects.

In the media

B.C.’s Extreme Heat Is Here to Stay. Critics Say Government’s Plan to Deal with It Is Dangerously Weak

Professor Rashid Sumaila (SPPGA; IOF) believes the economic impacts of the B.C. heat wave could be massive, especially in ocean-dependent sectors. He adds that food and nutritional security could be threatened due to lost aquaculture.
August 24, 2021


‘A Combination of Failures:’ Why 3.6m Pounds of Nuclear Waste Is Buried on a Popular California Beach

The backend of the nuclear cycle gets very little attention, says SPPGA Director Allison Macfarlane in response to why spent fuel often remains buried on-site. Handling stockpiles has always been an afterthought to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, she adds.
August 24, 2021


The Art of Pondering Earth's Distant Future

As an anthropologist, Postdoctoral Fellow Vincent Ialenti shows us how thinking across time can help us become more responsible planetary stewards and foster empathy across generations.
August 13, 2021


Disputa China-Canadá: el juego político detrás de la condena a muerte de Robert Schellenberg

Prof. Paul Evans and MPPGA alum Darren Touch were quoted on China’s "hostage diplomacy" following Michael Spavor’s sentencing for alleged espionage. (Article in Spanish).
August 12, 2021


COVID-19: B.C.'s Strategy Is All about Vaccination – Even as Case Counts Rise

Pushing vaccine rates higher will require a shift away from the "one-size-fits-all" approach, says Prof. Heidi Tworek (SPPGA; History), including identifying and addressing the barriers to being vaccinated.
August 5, 2021


U.S. Congress Introduces Bill to Target Donations from Foreign Adversaries to American Universities

Prof. Kyung-Ae Park gave comments on the recent bill proposed by U.S. Congress on restricting donations to American universities from rival countries, such as North Korea (article in Korean).
August 13, 2021


Lessons from Trump’s Assault on the World Trade Organization

"Under Trump, the United States really began behaving as something of a rogue state in international trade." Read the latest interview with Prof. Kristen Hopewell on the recent rising tensions in trade and the future of the WTO.
August 3, 2021


Another 30 Years to Go – the Final Storage of High-level Radioactive Waste

Dir. Allison Macfarlane discusses the worldwide search for a nuclear repository, the factors that determine a successful site search and the current United States’ stalemate on this issue.
July 29, 2021


Chromatic: The Many Colours of Crisis

Prof. Ramana writes on the nuclear crisis in Japan at a time of global upheaval in a new collaborative art book from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, which offers ten illustrated meditations on crisis from the 2020 Wall Scholars. Now available for pre-order.
August 20, 2021




The Impact of Colonial-era Policies on Health Workforce Regulation in India: Lessons for Contemporary Reform

Read the latest paper co-authored by Prof. Veena Sriram (SPPGA; SPPH) on the governance of health workforces. The paper focuses on the colonial origins of regulatory policies and their impact on low- and middle-income countries.
August 18, 2021


The Resistance Dilemma: Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis

What are the risks around a so-called “resistance dilemma” in a world hungry for clean and renewable energy? Prof. George Hoberg’s new book, The Resistance Dilemma: Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis, is a fresh take on the climate movement and its shift from lobbying to blocking new fossil fuel infrastructure.
August 17, 2021


The East Asian COVID-19 Paradox

Political Science Prof. Yves Tiberghien’s (SPPGA Faculty Associate) new book, The East Asian COVID-19 Paradox, explores how East Asian countries mitigated the spread of COVID-19 and increase economic integration.
August 12, 2021





Can Small Modular Reactors Help Mitigate Climate Change?

Prof. Ramana analyzes the claims that small modular reactors will address the well-known problems of nuclear power, such as high costs, safety risks, and radioactive waste (paywall).
July 21, 2021


‘Together at the Heart’: Familial Relations and the Social Reintegration of Ex-Combatants

Prof. Erin Baines examines the role that family relations play in combatants' war and post-war trajectory within the Lord's Resistance Army.
July 20, 2021


SEPT 17, 2021 | 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM PT
2021 Policy Salon

Save the date and join us for the 2021 Virtual Policy Salon, Shaping the Post-COVID World, which aims to acknowledge the precarious situation that we remain in globally with respect to COVID-19, while also looking ahead to consider how key lessons can be applied to overcoming other global challenges like climate change. More details to come!

MPPGA Program Spotlight

Community Design and Hypertension: Walkability and Park Access Relationships with Cardiovascular Health

A new study co-authored by MPPGA alum Jorge Andrés Delgado-Ron (Ph.D. Student, School of Population and Public Health student) quantitatively analyzes specific pathways through which urban form affects blood pressure levels.

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